New shoots, new videos!

Finally got some new work up in collaboration with some Lasalle students. Man are they talented..
 Garden Party
12  43

Photographer: Shavonne Wong/ Zhiffy Photography
Models: Christina S (Looque), Marina M (Upfront)
Makeup & Hair: Mich MakeOver
Designer: Faye Studio/ Yang Fei
Assistants: Daniel Ho, Samantha Lee
Video: Jeri Soh

20130605-IMG_5399r2  20130605-IMG_5767r2 20130605-IMG_5730r2 20130605-IMG_5824r2
Photographer: Shavonne Wong/ Zhiffy Photography
Model: Sofia Wakabayashi
Makeup & Hair: Ronalou Make Up Artist
Designer: Edison Wong
Assistants: Saraphina Lee, Esther Gabrielle Teo, Samuel Sim

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Huge mess

Because apparently I derive pleasure out of making a huge mess of my living room..

I know this was shot last year but people have been asking about how it was done so here’s the BTS images. Days later and there were still cotton hidden all over the place.
For this shoot I had the idea in my head for awhile that I wanted to shoot a model in the midst of clouds as though she was coming through it. (I know it sounds lame, it was way cooler in my head okay?!)
To give her and the clouds a nice soft glow, I used an octagon for backlighting. Two lights were pointed to the background on each side to blow it out and one beauty dish was used in front to light her.
The clouds were made of cotton spray-glued on balloons, then post-processed increase on their volume. Let me know what you think! (:
imageimage (1)


Other than being around beautiful people all the time, meeting youtube stars, musicians and people I admire have always been one of the better perks of photography. I certainly can appreciate that.. :D
image image_1 image_3image_4

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I have absolutely no good excuse to why I had the blogging hiatus except that I was lazy.
So moving on…

Photographer: Shavonne Wong/ Zhiffy Photography Model: Joey Rogers & Chariffe Greaves (SUPA Model Management) Makeup & Hair: Suki S Miles Stylist: Ricardo Medina

This was shot in London, which by the way was amazing. Even though it forgot to Spring. We were all wrapped up like dumplings and waddling around like penguins, but it was still amazing. I didn’t take as many photos as I would have like though, mostly due to my reluctance of making my hands leave my warm toasty pockets. Whenever I passed by something interesting, it would be an inner dilemma on whether it was worth it and then I usually end up convincing myself I should just enjoy the moment instead of frantically trying to capture it. I do make quite a terrible photographer. Hah.

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Haha now that I’m finally off the walls of Bugis and Cityhall mrt station, it feels a little less awkward to post this up. I just wanna say that.. Wow has God been good to me. This could never have happened if it’s not for the grace of God!
By ‘this’, I mean how insane it is that I get to do photography as my career. Those who have been with me for awhile all know that it just could not have beenme. I’m not even so-called “industry material”. I’ve got the wrong personality for the job, I’m both terrible and uninterested in making “important” contacts, I don’t have much techincal knowledge and I’m just too darn lazy sometimes.
But good thing it’s not about me, but how good my God is. In this year of crazy ups and downs, I’ve learnt (and hopefully grown) so much. One thing that has been proven to me over and over again is just how my God is faithful. I stepped blindly into this career path not knowing what was ahead of me and He just showed me that as long as I invited Him into my work, He would be the lamp unto my feet, and light unto my path.
Looking back, I thank God for wonderful people He has brought to cross paths with me, people were willing to put in time and effort to mentor me, spend time to pray with me and just put in extra time and effort for me. Thank you so much. It’s been a tough year and I’m grateful for the support and friendship from all of you.
Well,2012 is ending in a few short hours. How time flies! I’m real excited and expectant of what’s to come in 2013, I know that it’s gonna be such a good year. May it be your best year ahead too! Love! ♥

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It was nice to be able to legally shoot inside a mall without having to run away from security guards (: Camera was on a tripod that was locked down. One octagonal softbox as main light in front of subject and one light from the back as rim light. Motion blur of humans were taken  after the models left and composited into final image. (:

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Camila G

Photographer: Shavonne Wong/ Zhiffy Photography
Makeup Artist: Zann Toh
Model: Camila G (Upfront)

Hmmm. I just felt that my portfolio needed to be updated with some new, clean and simple beauty shots so this happened.

This is the lighting diagram for the look with the natural makeup. A beauty dish is used as the main light with a black flag on the left to cut light.
A softbox is placed at the back for a softer background light.

As for the look with the red lipstick, click here for it’s lighting diagram. Not much was changed here except for the black flag that was taken away and the addition of another softbox in front of her shining upwards. The blurred halo effect was done by adding on some vaseline to the edges of my lens. Kinda cool huh?

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Garçon for Design Scene

Shavonne WongShavonne WongShavonne WongShavonne WongShavonne WongShavonne WongShavonne WongShavonne WongShavonne WongShavonne WongShavonne WongShavonne Wong

Photographer: Shavonne Wong
Stylist: Lenne Chai
Makeup Artist: Zann Toh
Model: Benjammin Cessford

This set was recently shot at the start of this month as a test shoot for Benjammin from London. It was his very first time trying out as a model and well, I would say things went better than expected! First time Lenne tried her hand at being a stylist too, getting all the necessary clothes and accessories. November is a month of many firsts as it turns out…

Lighting for this shoot was fairly easy. I used modelling light on my strobe instead of flashing it as I wanted to keep the aperture low on this shoot. It was a straight forward one light set-up with a beauty dish in front and two black flags on each side of B. In order to keep the background as dark as possible, B also had to be a distance away from the backdrop so the light does not spill onto it.
For the digital shots, I used a 5dmk2 and alternated between a 85mm1.8 and 50mm1.8 . As for the film shots, I was using a friend’s good old Ricohflex camera. There’s nothing quite like film, really.

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MATERNITY: Zheng Jye & Nisha

Absolutely love these two sweet, beautiful. caring and all around amazing people.  It was a great privilege to be a part of their day, capturing this incredibly sweet chapter of their lives. It’s been my blessing knowing you guys! Lots of love. (:

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Turning 22

Aaaaand… I’ve turned 22.
That was fast. Crazy how time flies.

It’s the first time I’ve not bothered throwing a party for my own birthday so it felt a little strange (And less egoistic, hah). This was probably the least eventful birthday I’ve had in awhile, but I got to celebrate it over the span of a few meals with a bunch of different friends and people who love me so I’m really happy about that. That’s whats most important after all, isn’t it. (:

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